Goal Achiever based on B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Tools


One of the most powerful set of tools for transending your life and changing your daily habits. The B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Toolkit will make you think and act like a Pro in each of the 6 key areas that any ambitious and person with high value should target
The B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® toolkit consists of four tools,

  1.   The B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Assessment Tool for identifying in which of the six areas you need to focus and monitor on a monthly basis your actions towards your purpose and goals.
  2. The B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® strategy tool for developing your personal strategy in serving your current mission at your best and achieving your vision/future goal in any of the six areas
  3. the B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Daily Planner to help you plan your day but also assess your performance and
  4. The B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® habits weekly Scorecard for assessing how well you did last week and ideas for doing better next week.

B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Strategy Plan
B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Daily Journal

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Goal Achiever based on B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Tools

Start building your B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® habits and act and think as a champion in any field. It is your personal tool for serving your current mission at your best and most importantly achieving your vision/key goal in any of the following specific areas: 1) profession/business, 2) education, 3) relationships, 4) health or 5) lifestyle.

The Package contains two files, the B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Strategy Tool as well as the B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Journal.

  • You should print and use one B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Strategy Tool for your vision/key goal per specific area.
  •  B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® Journal is your daily journal for assessing your progress towards your mission and vision/key goal. You can consult the related B.U.N.D.L.E.R.® STRATEGY TOOL for your mission, vision/key goal and identified tasks for any or all the selected areas. Print and use one per day.
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