Horizon Europe Virtual Summit Premium Pass

What is included as Bonus in Horizon Europe Summit Premium Pass

  1. LIFETIME ACCESS to Top Expert Session Videos: The value of LIFETIME ACCESS is really enormous for many reasons but we list just three: a) These training sessions are of a great value not only for Horizon Europe, b) It is very difficult for a busy person like you to be able to dedicate your full-time engagement for a whole week for attending all the Summit sessions. c) We realise also that some of you may need to repeat some of the training sessions for mastering the tips and best practices that are discussed. Therefore, LIFETIME ACCESS to the summit content will allow you to absorb everything you need in a stress-free format.
  2. Certificate of completion of the virtual summit sessions: As soon as you confirm that you have completed. wach of the different training modules, you will receive automatically a certificate of successful completion from us with a unique for validation purposes. Enhance and show your advanced knowledge on the development of successful Horizon Europe grant applications with this certificate. 
  3. Direct access to speakers' presentations and tools: All speakers have provided access to their presentation from their session or to other tools and platforms for helping the participants to advance further what they have learned during the session. These resources are available only to the participants that have purchased the VIP pass.
  4. 50% ADDITIONAL Discount as an individual to our OpenCosmos platform for mastering the Horizon Europe game with limited but highly effective effort.  With the OC individual membership you will enjoy unlimited access to unique support services such as external evaluation of proposals before submission, consultancy on proposal development, matchmaking/partnering based on AI, access to a wide list of top-notch trainings currently more than 20 different courses (live and recorded ones), monthly live coaching sessions (including Q&A) and awareness about all funding opportunities in Europe every month. Find more info about the OpenCosmos services here
  5. Access to a private Q&A video session with Nikolaos Floratos: The right advice at the right time from the right person will skyrocket your progress and success. Shortly after the event, Nikolaos will host a private Q&A session for you and the other Premium Pass colleagues for helping you to absorb and apply faster what you learned from the virtual summit. Ask him anything, about the points discussed or even not discussed during the Horizon Europe summit sessions and he will answer personally. You definitely don't want to miss this session and even if you can't attend live for some reason, you can submit your questions in advance and check the answers at the recorded video.  Think of how much faster you could reach your goals if you get the right answer to your issues. 
  6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are very confident of the great quality of the summit but you may not be since it is difficult to believe that an event can give without any hassle such high value of knowledge, tips and tricks on Horizon Europe. Therefore, by the time you purchase the premium pass you have 30 days to cancel it and we will return the registration fee you paid with no questions asked. In any case,  please check the terms and conditions.


  • Disclaimer for OpenCosmos Members: Any bonuses are not applicable for OpenCosmos members, since other provisions are applicable. If you are in doubt, please contact us at info@keyinnovations.co.uk

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Horizon Europe Virtual Summit Premium Pass

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