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OpenCosmos - Your single platform for success in Horizon Europe. We have different levels of membership according to the type of your organisation. As soon as you purchase an annual subscription, all the members of your organisation can have full and unlimited access to the OpenCosmos outstanding and distinct assets:

  1. externally evaluated any of their grant applications before submission
  2. unlimited access to our eCourses based on live recordings (Currently 20 eye-opening eCourses, check here the full list of the available eCourses)
  3. unlimited access to all our live courses taking place live in real-time via zoom or physically. Check more info on the planned live courses here.
  4. Live coaching sessions with answers on their questions for clarifying any point for mastering the game in European Research
  5. Matchmaking based on AI in finding key individuals to partner and extend their network from OpenCosmos Community
  6. Personalised and top consultancy support in developing the full proposal, in case the consortium comprises minimum 3 OpenCosmos member organisations
  7. Monthly updates with all the open European funding opportunities (more than 400 funding opportunities every month)
  8. Sharing views, concerns, tips, best practices and collaboration opportunities with other TOP researchers from other Open Cosmos member organisations

Please check OpenCosmos Features for more details.

These organisations are already members of OpenCosmos platform. In order to ensure high quality of OpenCosmos services, currently with the given resources, we can support up to 10 Universities/Research Institutes. Therefore, in case you are interested in joining OpenCosmos platform, you are strongly advised to act fast in order to safeguard your membership . 

If you are not sure whether your organisation is member of the OpenCosmos platform, then contact us at and we will inform you accordingly.

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OpenCosmos Membership Purchase

OpenCosmos - Your single platform for success in Horizon Europe. As soon as your organisation becomes  a member of OpenCosmos  platform, then any individual from your organisation (with an email address based on your domain) can register and get unlimited free access to outstanding and distinct services:

  1. Asset 1: Top-notch trainings with step-by-step recipes and guidance on each of the different Horizon Europe sub-programmes (e.g. ERC, Horizon Europe collaborative projects, Intelligence behind Horizon Europe, Project Management, Innovation Management, etc) developing great Excellent, Impact and Implementation sections, Widening, Financial Management and EC auditing, Erasmus+, etc
  2. Asset 2: Monthly personalised live support on any of your challenges in both the pre-award and post-award phases in planning and implementing R&I projects
  3. Asset 3: External evaluation of the latest draft of your R&I grant application
  4. Asset 4: Intelligent Partnering Support for identifying key contacts to connect with as potential partner or as potential coordinator

We have different levels of membership according to the type of your organisation. As soon as an organisation purchases an annual subscription to OpenCosmos, ALL THE MEMBERS (to be verified from the domain in their email address) of that organisation will have full access to the OpenCosmos assets.

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