MSCA COFUND- Developing successfully an MSCA COFUND grant application

eCourse based on live recordings about developing successful grant applications in MSCA COFUND

with a LIVE Q&A session  

Learning Objectives and structure 

Our training on MSCA COFUND goes beyond on what is currently available on public guides or is provided via the other trainings and includes key topics based on examples, previously submitted proposals and step-by-step guidance.

Module 1: Essentials on MSCA COFUND grant applications (Trainer: Marie Prouteau)

  • Get Familiar with MSCA COFUND essential info (key purpose of MSCA COFUND grants, Co-funding requirements, eligibility, statistics, important documents to consider)
  • Understand the winning profile of MSCA COFUND projects, evaluation process, feedback from evaluators
  • What are the research ideas in MSCA COFUND that have stronger weight?

Module 2: How to develop an impressive MSCA COFUND Excellence Section (Trainer: Marie Prouteau)

  • How to formulate a high-quality and novel selection process for the researchers and a high-quality and attractive appointment programme with a focus on novelties in
    • the transparency of the selection process
    • organisation of the selection process and the evaluation criteria
    • ensuring equal opportunities
    • appointment package
  • How to foster research environments and options of high-quality such as
    • Excellent research programmes
    • interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international research options
    • OpenScience practices
    • Creation and management of research data and other research outputs
  • How to plan training programmes of high-quality and novelty with focus on 
    • involvement of non-academic actors
    • research skills within the appropriate disciplines
    • new skills and transferable skills (e.g. grant writing, project management, IPR, entrepreneurship, training for job interviews) 
  • How to plan career guidance and career development arrangements of high-quality, novelty and relevance

Module 3: How to develop an impressive MSCA COFUND Impact Section (Trainer: Nikolaos Floratos)

  • How to ensure and measurable benefits/impact from the suggested programme on strengthening research human resources at institutional, regional, national or international level
  • How to ensure and measure the high contribution of the suggested programme in Charter and Code, or the Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training for Doctoral Programmes
  • How to advance and measure the impact of the suggested programme on the involved fellows' careersHow to achieve in a measurable way the related expected outcomes and impacts via the DEC by considering also the IPR issues

Module 4: How to develop an impressive MSCA COFUND Implementation Section (Trainer: Marie Prouteau)

  • How to build the most appropriate workpackage structure and how to plan adequate resources for achieving the targeted objectives
  • How to deal with risks successfully (Research and administrative ones)
  • How to show the high value of your consortium and of each participant


Bonus 1: Lifetime access to the video recordings and the training content

About the instructors: Dr. Nikolaos FLORATOS and Ms. Marie PROUTEAU

Dr. Nikolaos Floratos Ms. Marie Prouteau

Nikolaos Floratos has a multidisciplinary education with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from City University London, a Bachelor of Humanities in Greek Civilisation from Open Hellenic University, a master of science in Telecommunications and Signal Processing from Imperial College, London and he is recently awarded his  PhD in Humanities on student engagement in massive open online courses from Open University of Catalonia. After his undergraduate and postgraduate studies with distinction as engineer in London (Imperial College, City University), UK, has been working for a number of consultancy and Information Technology companies as consultant and project manager across Europe. He has also an MBA (Master in Business Administration from National Technical University of Athens and Athens University of Economics and Business) and the last 24 years he is involved in planning, managing and evaluating large and small projects in the area of research, education, ICT (Information Communication Technologies), social inclusion, entrepreneurship, standardization and consumer issues.  As a funding expert, personal trainer and coach, he has supported thousands of researchers/individuals and research organisations mainly from Europe but also from all over the world on managing public funding including support from MSCA different grant schemas and receive support for fullfiling their mission and vision in research.  He is an expert on behalf of the European Commission on evaluating and reviewing projects and proposals since 2003 and  recently, he has received his PhD on how you can increase students' engagement and motivation in eLearning courses. He is the creator of the Funding Expert Transfomation Process™ system that can transform anyone to a great proposal writer and project manager of european funded projects. He has received more than 2000 recommendations and endorsements at his linkedin profile ( as a funding expert, coach and trainer. He is also listed in the top first three search results by google as "Funding expert”. He recently created the Open Cosmos platform that scales up in auto-pilot the success of an organization in Horizon Europe via an unlimited number of external evaluations, unlimited access to all our top-notch trainings and live interactions with other experts and think alike researchers.

Marie Prouteau has gained more than 13 years of experience in the funding of research and innovation projects through EU funds. After graduating from a Master in European Affairs at the University of Aix-Marseille, France, she started her career at CNRS, the French National Research Center, as a manager and proposal developer of FP7 projects in the field of research infrastructures and renewable energies. In 2015, she then moved to the consulting private sector and became an expert in Research&Innovation EU funding. After nearly 8 years of developing and reviewing multisectoral and multidisciplinary EU-funded projects, from the MSCA ITN or ERC calls to the collaborative actions of the H2020 Pillar 2 or 3, she has recently founded her own company to become an independant consultant, in the starting blocks to help you get funds with the Horizon Europe or ERASMUS+ programme! Meanwhile, since 2014, she is also acting as an expert evaluator for the European Commission on MSCA and ERASMUS+ calls. Her career enabled her to acquire a complete expertise, from the development to the management of European projects, including the evaluation of project proposals and training on European funds. She is also an expert in dissemination and communication for EU projects

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MSCA COFUND- Developing successfully an MSCA COFUND grant application

Crash Course in developing successful MSCA COFUND grant applications. An eye-opening course beyond the standard staff. This course is based on step-by-step recipes in order to guide you in detail and how to build each of the different parts of the MSCA COFUND grant application. 

No matter whether you have attended any other trainings on MSCA COFUND or your experience in it, we personally guarantee to you that you will be fully satisfied.

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