eCourse (recorded) on Success in ERC with the Use of AI

eCourse based on live recordings on Success in ERC with also the use of AI

Plus live monthly Q&A sessions


one external evaluation of the final draft of your ERC proposal

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Learning: Dedicate less than a day to complete our intensive eCourse, packed with actionable insights and the full recipe for ERC success.

  • AI-Enhanced Insights: Benefit from supplementary AI tools that offer cutting-edge perspectives on research trends, helping to refine your proposal's innovation aspect.

  • Live monthly Q&A session as Follow-up: Receive answers to your questions live, offering tailored advice to enhance your application.

  • Certification of Planning Skills: Earn a certification that attests to your strategic planning capabilities in developing ERC grant applications.

  • Life Time Access: Life-time Access to the video recordings and training material.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this Course, you will:

  • Master the detailed process of crafting a winning ERC grant application.

  • Navigate and leverage the ambiguity in ERC evaluation criteria to your advantage.

  • Strategically direct your application to suitable panel members and external evaluators.

  • Uncover the intelligence behind the evaluation panel to enhance your proposal's appeal.

  • Identify and engage with key actors crucial for your application's success.

  • Validate and articulate breakthrough research ideas effectively.

  • Choose the right panel and adeptly complete the application forms.

  • Enhance your CV and formulate high-impact research objectives.

  • Select and describe innovative methodologies tailored to your research goals.

  • Impress reviewers and panel members with your proposal's B1 section and abstract at stage 1, and craft a convincing B2 section for stage 2.

Live eCourse Structure:

  • Module 1- Intelligence on ERC: To become familiar and master info & knowledge related to ERC

  • Module 2- What AI can and cannot do: Understand the fundamentals on AI its capabilities, limitations and flaws

  • Module 3- Use of AI practices for success in ERC: Become familiar with AI practices in order to help you develop winning ERC grant applications
    Seize this opportunity to elevate your ERC grant application with our expert-led Course and the supplementary power of AI. Remember, places are limited to ensure a high-quality learning experience.

Transform your approach to ERC grant applications—register today and unlock the door to research excellence and innovation.

Unique Bonus 1: As soon as you register  and pay for the course, you can have your ERC proposal evaluated by one of our experts for free.

Unique Bonus 2: Purchase this eCourse and participate for free in our monthly live follow-up Q&A sessions

Unique Bonus 3: 100% Satisfaction guarantee

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ERC full course

eCourse (recorded) on Success in ERC with the Use of AI

Discover the Art of developing ERC Grant Applications Enhanced by AI tools

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