A proven approach to success as profound Funding Expert

Getting success as Funding Expert especially in challenging programmes such as Horizon 2020 or in the future in Horizon Europe can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!

As member of our unique Funding Expert Accelerator platform, we have you covered for succeeding. More specifically, we offer you three unique and extremely high value services

Group coaching

The fastest and most effective way to become a funding expert and establish yourself as an outstanding professional in challenging European funding programmes such as Horizon Europe is coaching.  Every month, at a pre-fixed day and time, Nikolaos Floratos (EC expert 17+ years, R&I Coach 23+ years) will hold an one-hour live coaching session with also Q&A session via zoom for any of your challenges and remain competitive in your journey of success.

Training on demand

We have a vast selection of unique training sessions to support you as funding expert.  Every month, we add one more training session that anyone of our members can suggest in advance. You suggest and we deliver! In any case, all our sessions are of high value to our community. Check HERE an indicative list of training sessions already available in the platform. 

Vibrant community

Not only do you have group coaching every month as well as access to our proven course content – you also become part of our vibrant community  of other like minded members who share their challenges and knowledge during the live sessions. 


  • SUPER-BONUS exclusively for 12-month subscribers: As soon as you register for  the one year subscription package of Funding Expert Accelerator, you will get also immediately after your registration access to the Valuefy Expert service.  Its price is 1997 EUR and you will get it for free. Valuefy™ is an online automated system for developing an excellent Horizon 2020 grant application for anyone that wishes to be guided step-by-step on why, what and how to write their arguments. Valuefy™ Expert service users  have access to examples of arguments, tables and illustrations that make their proposal content distinct for impressing the evaluators.
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  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Few people have the opportunity to listen to a coach like NIkolaos”

    Communication Manager at KU Leuven

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “My advice? If you can have the pleasure do not miss this chance.”

    EU Policy Expert

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “It is rare that you come across trainers, who can explain complex issues to be understandable for everyone”

    Project Specialist

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Nikolas has a great talent: Making complex topics easily understandable in a very agreeable way. Inspiring teaching.”

    EU funds Advisor

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Nikolaos is very knowledgeable on the H2020 topics and process.
    He takes good care of those who stay interested and keep up with the content”

    Founder the Online Scientist

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Thanks to his innovative and creative approaches on EU funds, Nikolaos Floratos shares with us his expertise on Horizon 2020 proposals.”

    European Project Maager

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “I definitely recommend his courses for all those who want to be winners in the H2020 and EU funded projects”

    Dr. at Politecnico di Torino

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “I definitely recommend his courses for all those currently involved or willing to engage in EU projects.”

    Researcher at UOC

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “I feel empowered and blessed by his guidance! Thanks Nikolaos”

    Flow Facilitator

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Great trainer for writing Eu proposals”

    Beleidsmedewerker at Van Hall Larenstein University

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “Don't miss his courses if you get the chance!”

    Asesora y gestora de propuesta y proyectos I+D+i

FEA Accelerator costs eligible for EC funding in european projects

The FEA Accelerator costs are eligible as other costs in an EC funded project sicne they are actually and clearly needed for its successful implementation. The FEA membership and in specific the one-to-one  realtime coaching session can be used for getting advice and discussing key issues in the project with an EC expert also. According to the aMGA v2.1.1 for H2020 (Art. 10, p. 120) FEA accelerator membership is a service eligible for reimbursement under "Purchase of goods, works or services".  Your organisation as project participant in an EC funded project  can budget the estimated license and service costs for the use of FEA Accelerator platform in the cost category "Other direct costs". I
Proactively, it may be good to outline the use of FEA Accelerator in the proposal. For example, in the sections on the management process as part of the general description, in a suitable WP description (e.g. Project Management). For your convenience, you can use a text as the one below that you are free to adapt accodingly.

"Managing such an ambitious project always welcomes the guidance from an external expert that will monitor the project progress and in confidential and unbiased manner . The external expert from FEA accelerator will  meet every month with one or more representatives from the consortium and advice them  on key issues for increasing the quality of the project results. A perspective from an external expert to the project that is unbiased and has the skills in order to identify proactively any issues and also support the successful completion of the project  is a critical point for its success. During our monthly session with the EC expert, we will discuss various issues such as assessment of current and new risks, quality assurance, new dissemination and exploitation opportunities, sustainability of the project beyond its completion, etc. "

Please understand that we cannot guarantee any accuracy and completeness of this information nor a successful reimbursement of your costs.
If you have further questions regarding the eligibility or nature of certain project costs in case of Horizon 2020 projects, please have a look at the H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement (Art. 6.2 and respective explanations) or contact the National Contact Point near you.
Finally, we would really appreciate any feedback on your experience with the reimbursement of the FEA accelerator costs that helps future projects to budget such costs more appropriately.